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Friendly Children’s Dentist near Noosa

At The Smile Workx, we know that the development of proper dental hygiene practices and care starts in early childhood. That is why we encourage parents to start bringing their children to see a dentist from an early age.


You might be wondering what age is appropriate to begin. A common age that most children start visiting the dentist is two. At The Smile Workx, the children we serve and care for encompass a broad age range, from toddlers to adolescents.


At our friendly kids’ dentist practice, one of our aims is to help your child as they grow so that they develop a healthy and happy smile. To launch this exciting new step in your child’s life, call us and book an appointment today.


Benefits of Visiting a Children’s Dentist

By taking your child to The Smile Workx from an early age, going to the dentist will become an activity that is normalised for them. This helps eliminate the chances that your child will develop a dental phobia, which is a common fear that many young children face. With regular dentist visits from an early age, your child will become acquainted and comfortable with our friendly and skilled team of dental hygienists.


Another benefit of bringing your children in to see our team is that it will help them avoid more serious issues later on. Our dentists can help detect problems early and take preventative measures before they get worse.


Fostering Learning and Early Dental Education

Through our children’s dentistry service, one of the things that our team of dental hygiene focuses on is dental education. We want to give the children who see us the resources and knowledge that they need to practice good oral hygiene on their own.


For example, we teach the children who come to our practice how to brush their teeth with toothbrushes. We also try to teach your kids about what kinds of foods they should eat for healthy teeth and to avoid cavities.


Early dental education is important for building a strong sense of overall personal health and hygiene for your child. Our team is here to help foster the dental education necessary for your child’s health and wellbeing.


Are You Looking for a Friendly Children’s Dentist Near You?

At The Smile Workx, we love to work with adults, but we also love to work with children! Not all dental practices have children’s dental services, but this is something we are proud to offer. As a children’s dentist near Noosa, we want families to know that our team at The Smile Workx is here to serve and better the lives of our cherished community. For parents, we work with you and your schedule, so you can give your children access to the dental care that they need. If you are looking to explore your local options for a family dentist, get in touch with us today!


Proudly Serving Noosa

The Shire of Noosa is a local government area located 130 kms north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast district of South East Queensland, Australia. Noosa is a region which contains beaches and a beach national park, the cleanest river in South-East Queensland and an extensive trail network inland, linking a number of lifestyle villages. The Smile Workx has been serving Noosa for more than 15 years and has become a leading dentist in the area.