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Invisible Braces near Peregian Springs

Invisible braces have recently grown in popularity, beating out traditional teeth straightening options. Here at The Smile Workx, we pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible.


Why Clear Braces Over Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces involve putting metal in a patient’s mouth. This metal works to align the patient’s teeth over time, and give them a perfect straight smile. But, there is a lot of embarrassment and uncomfortable feelings that come with getting braces. Many people are afraid of smiling with braces or showing their teeth in public, especially if they are an adult. Nobody wants to deal with getting food stuck in their braces either.


However traditional metal braces are no longer the only option. There are many clear aligners that do the work of adjusting your teeth without the flashy metal in your mouth. The aligners are also completely removable. You can still enjoy all the foods you otherwise couldn’t if you were stuck with traditional braces.


Though there are many different brands of invisible braces these days, The Smile Workx has partnered with the best: Clear Correct. With us, you’ll have the best invisible braces you can possibly get and the best experience at our office.


What’s So Great About Clear Correct?

Clear Correct was originally crafted and manufactured in the U.S., the capital of correctional orthodontics. Plus, these aligners are made from Zendura, a high quality orthodontics company.  Zendura designs their aligners to resist becoming deformed under biting pressure. This material is perfect for those who retain stress in their jaws and tend to have biting issues.


If you have a particular problem with your teeth, getting the unlimited option would allow you to work as long as you need to get the desired outcome.


Are You Looking for Clear Correct Invisible Braces Treatment Near You?

If you’re looking for Invisible braces in the Peregian Springs area, look no further. Our team at The Smile Workx can give you the invisible teeth straightening solutions you need. We know that traditional braces can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. That’s why our team uses Clear Correct. This is a set of aligners that are made specifically to fit your mouth, and nobody will ever know you have them on! It the perfect for straightening teeth without braces. Book an appointment today!


Proudly Serving Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs is a suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. The suburb has 50 hectares of conservation areas to ensure habitat and breeding grounds for native fauna. The Smile Workx has been serving Peregian Springs for more than 15 years and has become a leading dentist in the area.