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Quality Teeth Whitening near Peregian Springs

At The Smile Workx, we are equipped with two powerful methods of professional teeth whitening to help our patients transform their smiles. Finding the perfect solution for teeth whitening has proved to be a very frustrating process for dentists and oral hygiene experts over the years. It has been difficult to find one that offers:

• Longevity
• Predictability
• Effectiveness
• & Comfort for sensitive patients


That is, until now. Our team at The Smile Workx is proud to provide two effective types of professional teeth whitening near Peregian Springs that offer all of those benefits and more.


Whitening and Deep Bleaching

This unique method will seal saliva out of the tray. The whitening gels work together with the bleaching trays to provide up to 6 or more hours of active whitening activity as opposed to the usual 25-35 minutes that over-the-counter options provide.


Why Not Over-the-Counter Products?

Over-the-counter options tend to be less expensive, so many of our patients wonder why they should not go straight to those. For starters, these types of solutions are made to provide a quick fix type of solution, which means it will never be able to give you a natural, healthy-looking final result.


These products dehydrate your teeth to give them a brighter look, and this can also be dangerous for your gums, especially if you are prone to gum sensitivity. Professional teeth whitening will protect your enamel and gums while giving you a long-lasting result.


Many researchers and studies have found that the reason these solutions are less effective is that the whitening gel that you apply becomes quickly contaminated by your saliva. When this happens, the active agents in it are no longer working to brighten your smile, which contributes to the short-lived results.


If you’d still prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, ask us about professional take-home teeth whitening kits.


How Teeth Become Discoloured

Many everyday beverages such as coffee, tea and wine can stain the enamel surface coating of your teeth over time. Acidic foods like oranges and berries can also cause this. The more intense the colour of a food or drink is, the more likely that it will stain your enamel. Highly acidic or sugary items will have similar effects.


Are You Looking for a Teeth Whitening Treatment Near You?

At The Smile Workx, we value our client relationships and pride ourselves in working one on one with patients to ensure that they get the treatment they deserve. There are many teeth whitening solutions out there, but our team is here to help and talk you through each one in detail. If you are interested in brightening your smile, book an appointment today!


Proudly Serving Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs is a suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. The suburb has 50 hectares of conservation areas to ensure habitat and breeding grounds for native fauna. The Smile Workx has been serving Peregian Springs for more than 15 years and has become a leading dentist in the area.

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