Have you ever wondered why celebrities have perfect, straight, bright smiles? Well, veneers could be the reason.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are used to reproduce the natural anatomy and look of front teeth. They also provide resilience and strength that is comparable to the natural tooth covering of enamel. They are most commonly used to improve the aesthetics of patients by changing the shape, colour, size, anatomy, contour and symmetry of teeth.

Why do I need veneers?

If you feel embarrassed when smiling due to your poor dentition, veneers may be the answer. You might have irregularly sized or discoloured teeth. Your teeth might be chipped, worn, or aligned in a position that is aesthetically unacceptable. In all these cases, veneers can help to change the colour, shape and form of the teeth and give them a life-like, beautiful appearance.


There are basically two types of veneers: porcelain and composite. They all do the same job, but are very different in procedures and materials.

Why do I need veneers?

These are made of porcelain, and are designed and fabricated in the lab, and hence require two visits. As they are made in the lab they cost more than composite veneers.

Advantages over porcelain veneers:

Highly aesthetic – life-like appearance

Do not get stained and do not change their colour


Texture feels like a natural tooth

Easy to fill gaps or fix mal-aligned teeth

Composite veneers

These are made in the chair directly in the patient’s mouth with white composite (plastic) material.

Advantages over composite veneers:

They are made in one visit only – so it is quick.

They are more cost-effective.

They can be repaired or reshaped multiple times.

They are a good alternative when porcelain veneers are not possible for some reason

We understand that every individual has different circumstances and needs. Why don’t you organise a consultation and we can help you the find the most suitable option for you?