Invisible Braces

Did you miss the boat? Did you always want to have straight teeth and a perfect smile but could not afford metal braces when you were young? Maybe you still don’t like to smile much because you have crooked front teeth, and you want to do something about it without having metal braces?

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We have a simple, predictable, cost-effective and invisible solution for your problem: clear aligners. Basically they work on the same principal as the metal braces, but instead of metal wire and brackets, removable clear retainers move the teeth. You can eat and drink what you want during your treatment, and you can brush and floss as normal so you can maintain good oral hygiene and prevent the possibility of dental decay and gum disease.

Clear aligners do not compromise your routine, and they move the teeth in subtle way without anyone noticing them. Better still, you can remove them if you want to attend a special event without compromising the outcome.

There are many treatment options available for smile correction such as tradition orthodontics and composite/porcelain veneers, but they may be either expensive or unaesthetic. The Clear Aligners method is the best option for such patients, as this treatment is aimed at getting desired results in a very short period of time. It depends on the severity of misalignment of the teeth.

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How do aligners work?

The crooked or misaligned teeth are pushed back into their desired position with the help of sequentially designed removable retainers. Each aligner is custom-fitted and designed to apply controlled pressure to move the tooth or group of teeth in a particular direction. The aligners are to be worn at night time as well as in the daytime. The only time you remove them is when you want to clean them, or if you want to bite some very hard food.

Why choose clear aligners?

The following are some of the benefits of Inman Aligners over traditional braces:

These are some before and after photos:

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Cost of aligners

The cost of Aligners depends on the severity of misalignment and how much time the treatment is going to take. Teeth with a lesser degree of misalignment will take much less time than those that are more crooked. Generally, the cost of Aligners ranges from $2,000 to $6,000.

An efficient way to straighten front teeth

Commonly, patients with aligners get results within seven to fifteen weeks of treatment. Patients are advised to wear the aligners for 20 hours a day for the best results. The exact duration of your treatment depends on how crowded your teeth are.

Clear aligners are not suitable for everybody, and patient compliance is a key factor for an efficient outcome.

Call us to schedule your consultation and learn more about the procedure, and whether this treatment could be good for you.

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