Safe Amalgam Removal

Old amalgam fillings can cause the following:

Leakage in the tooth
Corrosion of fillings
Cracks in the tooth
Fracture of the tooth
Major tooth loss
Infection in the nerve

There has been a lot of negative literature about amalgam fillings in recent years because mercury makes up 40–50% of the amalgam filling compound. Some of the concerns are valid, particularly for people who have conditions such as mercury sensitivity, kidney dysfunction, or skin-related autoimmune disorders, or for children who need to have teeth filled.

However, numerous studies have been conducted in various countries regarding the safety of amalgam fillings. None of these studies have found any link between the mercury in amalgam fillings and brain or nervous system functioning, adding to the growing body of evidence that amalgam is still a safe and effective way to treat teeth that have been affected by tooth decay or trauma.

Apart from toxicity, there are a few other concerns that prompt people to think about replacing amalgam fillings. Mainly they look ugly in a white tooth, and over a period of the time they tend to create cracks in the tooth. These cracks are similar to a crack in car windscreen – you never know when it is going to explode. In the same way, a crack in the tooth can lead to major structural tooth loss, which is sometimes difficult to restore as well as expensive. These cracks can also travel deep into the tooth towards the nerve and so provide a pathway for bacteria to enter the nerve. This is another common cause of sensitivity or toothache, which may warrant root canal treatment and a crown.

It’s your choice…

… and we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your choice of dental filling material, and/or replacing existing amalgam fillings with composite fillings.

We keep on top of the latest research in all areas of dentistry and will be pleased to address any of your dental concerns. Please feel free to give us a call about this or any other dental concern. We’re always ready, willing and eager to serve you!

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